The tourist cluster Russian Palestine

The creation and the development of the tourism cluster of Istra District, of Moscow region, "Russian Palestine" is being implemented within the framework of the federal target program "Development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018 years)" and one of the geographically-organized complexes of Moscow region with high tourist and recreational potential.

The main objectives of the cluster in the progress of tourism  in the territory of Istra’s municipal area are: 

— the creation of conditions to increase the number and the improvement of the quality of tourist services;
— to ensure comfortable conditions for tourists and sightseers;
— the popularization of natural, historical and cultural heritage of the area;

— the creation of spiritually-enlightening and educational center of Orthodoxy, the history of religion and Russian cultural traditions;
— implementation of active advertising and information activities which are aimed at the formation of the image and the promotion of  Istra municipal district at the national and international markets as one of the tourist-recreational center near Moscow.

New Jerusalem Monastery of Ressurrection and museum and exhibition complex of  Moscow region "New Jerusalem" are the basis of "Russian Palestine"
Nowadays  New Jerusalem Monastery of Ressurrection is fully restored, which was built at the behest of His Holiness Patriarch Nikon and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, as the spiritual center of Orthodoxy. The main shrine of the monastery of the Resurrection - Church of the Resurrection of Christ,was  erected in the image of the temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, with the transformation the copies of  memorable places associated with the redemptive feat of Christ the Savior.

Museum and Exhibition Complex of  Moscow region "New Jerusalem" is the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region,which was created in accordance with modern museum technologies. The expositions of the museum present the history of the ensemble of New Jerusalem Monastery for a long period of history, is able to display all the key stages - the start of construction in the time of Patriarch Nikon, the next era, a period of destruction in the XX century, its restoration in the Soviet period and the large-scale recreation in our time. All these exhibit are  realized with the help of authentic historical materials, of modern means of visualization, 3-D models. In the building of the museum there are working research library and cientific archive in separate rooms of the museum, which are fully available not only to employees of the museum, but the researchers too.

The administration of  Istra district assists the Russian government in the implementation of activities which are aimed at the development of the regional tourism, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of  Russian society through the rehabilitation and development of the cluster of objects not only as a historical and architectural monuments, but also the spiritual center of the region;the support for education and socio-cultural development of Russian society; the support in the implementation of programs which are  aimed at the social and financial support and protection of a cluster of objects; the support for religious and secular education, cultural and social programs with  the state and religious organizations.

We invite you to visit our Istra district and see the sights!